Spring Forward

Set your clocks forward today! Well, spring home projects will soon be underway: painting, building a deck, eliminating more of "the yard" by planting native wildflowers and tall grasses (the no-dig method), hanging a clothes line... ah simple pleasures!

Have you all seen Food, Inc? Rob and I watched it last night for the first time. We live without a TV, cable, etc, so we just wait til things come out on DVD. After seeing this documentary, I'm totally spurred on to start a veggie garden. What also inspired me was seeing this family's amazing urban homestead in Pasadena, California, an "edible eden" if you will:

I can't wait to build the raised beds for veggies, and to see what "springs" up this spring! What will you be planting this spring? Something tasty?


Bethany said...

I got so confused today because there's no springing forward in the UK for another couple of weeks! Everyone has been confusing me today!

I'm looking forward to having some nice herbs. I don't have a garden but I can grow those in my kitchen!

Peng Peng said...

wow, that IS confusing!

Good luck growing fresh herbs :) yum!