Sanibel: Sunrise, Sunset

Foggy morning to brilliant sunset, one magical day on the beach at Sanibel Island. Zero street lights, traffic lights or billboards. Nature lovers paradise :) We stayed in a tiny efficiency cabin right on the beach. I've never seen so many shells, and some were alive! Even though it was too cold to swim, we had a lovely time just enjoying the serenity. Shelling is a popular thing to do on this beach, live shelling is prohibited. Here's my little collection:

Going through all the photographs takes a lot longer than I thought. So stay tuned for the final installment of our trip... which will include a crocodile!


a painter said...

I have not been to Sanibel since I was a young teen. Your post brings back memories. I am so glad to know there are still wonderful shells there. Your Florida pics are all so beautiful!

Pamela said...

I'm jealous.