Into the Wild (and I'm talking about mohair too)

just for comparison sake:
Here's the final installment of our Sanibel, Florida adventure! The Bailey Tract refuge, the 'wildest' area we visited, for sure. Self-guided walking tour only; no fences, barriers, cars or bikes. You're on your own (and we loved it!). At the onset of our walk, the sky darkened rapidly, a swirling wind was blowing with hawks circling overhead. Oh no, tropical downpour? We couldn't decide whether to run back to the car or continue walking. Luckily just a few drops fell and the clouds passed. A highlight during our walk was encountering a resting alligator...alas my mission is complete! (FYI, I used the zoom on my camera for the alligator, and all the animal shots during our trip). Sanibel, a special place I'd love to visit again :)

Hope you enjoyed the posts about our trip! The only other time I've been to Florida was in the 80's, the height of my goth phase, squeezed in a car with the family + much younger cousins. The highlight of that trip was a sun-blister on my face and skull jewelry I got in Disney World. If you catch my drift.
I owe a huge thanks to my man Rob, trip planner extraordinaire and being my assistant at the bear shows. It wouldn't be possible without him :)

So from dangerous big alligator to harmless mini Spirit Bears! I just posted 4 NEW one-of-a-kinds in the shop this morning. These odd-shaped cuties are waiting to bring you good luck!

Also, I'll be posting 2 NEW crazy-color-dyed mohair bears on my web site today!! Will be sending out an e-mail announcement to my special mailing list when they're up. Aaaand, TOMORROW, which is the 10th.. you know what that means: a new PFATT Marketplace update! There will be a very unique elephant, a *new* smaller design in glorious multicolored mohair! It's been a long time since I made an ellie, so I hope this one~and the new bears today~ tickles your heart :)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh your photos of your trip are wonderful!

i LOVE your new spirit bears and cannot wait to see you new works!

so inspiring!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I'll be in Florida this spring...there are lots of alligators where I'll be...and mangos, oranges, lemons, avocados, manatees...thank you for the beautiful prelude!

Peng Peng said...

Thanks gals!

Dawn, i wish i could meet u in spring in Florida!! Have a wonderful time :)

Tracy said...

Oh, how well I remember my own "goth phase", sweating and sunburned in my heavy black clothing while everyone else was cool and comfortable. I can relate...