It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

"Ting Ting" (a Limited Edition I created for the Toy Shoppe years back) is enjoying the out-of-doors, feeling the warm breeze on his fur, hearing the birds a'twitter, and with a glimmer of sunshine in his eyes :O) Isn't this a fab collectors pic?! I simply had to show it to you :O)
Tis a gorgeous day in Chicago (and i hope it is where u are too!)~ the kind of day I long for during the seemingly never-ending, dreary Midwest winters. We requested a tree-planting by the City of Chicago for our home, which they planted in the fall (8 months after my request, but delighted nonetheless). They selected for us a "Homestead Elm"...it was a joy to see it's first green leaves appear and birds sitting on it's branches. It is a time of renewal and in the spirit of, i have a fun new project i'm working on and hope to share with you really soon! And yes, it involves socks & a large dose of cuteness ;o)


Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi peng peng
your tree sounds beautiful!
i am sitting outdoors as well with my bird, pug and husband enjoying a perfect colorado spring day.
it is fun to read that you are doing the samething in chicago!
i cannot wait to see your new work!

KSedlak said...

This is a cute little guy and he is indeed, enjoying the beautiful weather.
We had a great weekend here in Western Washington. In fact, I got sunburned from watching a parade for 2 hours on Sat.
Thanks for sharing the darling picture, Peng Peng.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
:) Melissa and Emmitt

Peng Peng said...

gosh! is it memorial day weekend already?? the time just whizzes by! have a good one yerself, and to everyone too!

theresa said...

Yes, hurray for wonderful sunshiney days! We've planted over 15 trees in our yard over the years! Hard to believe and it isn't even that big!

Love your new etsy shop--a favorite to be sure. I finally got my new blog up and running, working on all the bits and pieces for the new site. I'll be in touch.