Turn to Stone ~ New Work for 2009

An epiphany occurred during the process of sculpting my new miniature paperclay figurines...

...They are a synthesis of my most sacred and dearest inspirations, all rolled up into one. A tiny one at that! And perhaps in a hat! Resting in my palm is yet unnamed, little bearded figurine based on my bearded Buddha bear I created for Witneys a few years ago.

As individual as a pebble.

Small, hand held objects have always fascinated me, it's the mainstay of why I enjoy working small. Though a tedious scale to work in, the outcome delights me. My studio houses many diminutive, precious objects like my rock and crystal collection, miniature Buddhas, porcelain figurines, Zuni stone animal carvings, a small ancient brass bell.

Teddy bears, animals, nature, spirit, small. It was a natural progression, don't you think?

Can you find the little bear in the photo above?
Look again...below.
There he is!

Wabi-sabi (simply translated as the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature), is an aesthetic I've long admired and try to live by. I'd like to think my new mini "bear" sculptures reflect a little of that :)

Each figurine is definitely one of a kind, and is signed and dated on the bottom. I plan to have these available in my Etsy shop fresh into the new year... and that's really soon! And more exciting news, I will be offering original drawings/ artwork (bear-themed and other-themed) on Etsy as well. Lots of fun things to anticipate!! Hope you enjoy where the new year takes us :O)


Kingfisher Farm said...

Peng Peng I am stunned, these are absolutely wonderful. No doubt they will be going to new homes as soon as they hit the shop!! They fit perfectly with the pebbles. Pam

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
OMG! I LOVE your sculptures! i cannot wait for them and your paintings to appear in your shop!

how wonderful!
happy new year!

m & e

Folksie Linda said...

Well it's about time.. you know you are so creative my dear friend.. Hope you have a healthy Happy New Year! Hugs, Linda

Danita said...

Your creations are so lovely!!!