And No One's Stopping Me

Call me crazy, but this makes my third pie this week! And what's crazier is I only own ONE Pyrex pie dish! And even crazier than crazier? (tell us, you say?) I've been cooking for one all week! Yup, just me. Hubs left town a week ago to visit his folks back east. He comes home tomorrow (yay!) and there will be pie-a-plenty in the fridge. See what winter-time isolation does? I really gotta get out of the house. Well, I mean really really 'cos I'm down to my last tablespoon of coffee!

How to make three pies with one pie dish (don't try this all in a single day!):

I transferred pie #1 "Old Country Pie" (a Moosewood vegetable pie) to a casserole dish, then pie #2 (the Sweet Potato pie) to a dinner plate. Had to make way for todays inevitable "Apple Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crust" (Moosewood again). The edge got a little burnt, but that's no biggie since it's so crumbly. I'm just letting it cool down before I fix myself a slice. Care to join me? P.S. Bring over some vanilla rice dream!


Kingfisher Farm said...

Holy cow, that looks incredible. I'm certainly not stopping you. In fact, I'm getting in my car right now and making the 3+ hour trek to Casa Peng Peng!! Pam

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
how yummy and fun!