New Adorable Bears Tomorrow!!

We're expecting an avalanche of snow tonight, 10+ inches! I picked up some emergency provisions to get us through the storm.. and when I say "provisions" that means cherry turnovers, orange juice, and a jar of honey so I can make chocolate chip cookies tomorrow. But the real big event for tomorrow is NEW BEARS to be posted here on my blog! Horray!

I know it's a last minute frenzy, but there IS still time before Xmas with USPS priority mail (that's my usual method to ship anyways). So I hope you can join me tomorrow!

I will post the new adorables sometime in the morning...and will send an email out when that happens. Have a lovely night with teddy bear dreams!



Kingfisher Farm said...

Hi Peng Peng, I hope I get to see them tomorrow. We are getting ice, you are getting snow!! The ice may break our power lines and knock out our internet. Hopefully that wont happen!! Pam

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh i cannot wait!
stay warm my friend! you guys are getting slammed with snow and cold!

Mare said...

We are getting ready for multiple storms coming thru today and over the weekend too...Stay warm! I'm looking forward to seeing the new bears!

Laura Lynn said...

LOL!!! Love your idea of "provisions"! Me, I stocked up on water, dog food and gasoline for our generator ;)