Curry in a Hurry

Since Rob got back in town Sunday, days have been flying by. He's got vacation time this week and we're trying to "get stuff done". We had a huge snowfall yesterday (wasn't expecting that, yahoo.com weather!) and last night folks were out with the snow blowers, or like us, the primitive (greener) way with a good old fashioned shovel.

Cos I'm a nervous driver on the highway, plus since it snowed, Rob was super kind to drive me to my orthotic appt today to pick up my custom arch supports. These babies are gonna change my life. My feet have always been problematic (wearing ill fitting shoes & heels just for fashion sake never helped) and after 15 yrs or so of procrastinating, I finally did something about it. Mostly cos I was tired of only wearing 2 pairs of shoes: Asics sneaks for the gym and Earth shoes for casual. Ok, I left out my Keen sandals and puffy snow boots. But now I'm armed with insoles and can get some decent / cute shoes, and spare Rob my panic attacks when I'm trying to dress up to go out ("gee, this skirt looks good, but I have NO shoes! Guess I'm wearing my unflattering jeans... Again.").

So anyhows, after my orthotics appt, next thing on the list was Blick Art store and lunch. We were jonesing for Thai since it'd been months (we banned ourselves from our neighborhood Thai restaurant, long story). Revisiting our old hood, Wicker Park, the "curry in a hurry" craving was satiated. I always imagined if I had a Thai restaurant, I'd call it just that "Curry in a Hurry". And my imaginary hair salon "Zen Bangs" (just for bang trims. I'll leave that story for another post!). Oh, my fortune cookie said this: "Versatility is one of your outstanding traits." I'd like to think it true :O) Which leads me to a *hint a bit of my new creative plans ... (see what I bought at the art store below)

We picked up art supplies at Blick. Rob was ready to checkout in like 2 minutes with 2 tiny jars of gesso, meanwhile I'm just taking my gloves off. His philosophy is, the longer he's in the store, the more he'll spend :) So thanks to my presence, he also ended up getting a few small glass jars with lids for his paints and I got things to *draw with. Then across the street to Whole Foods 'cos we were out of wine and carrot juice (gotta have that), and my sorely missed Peets Coffee. Why is there only ONE Peets in Chicago? We're a major city, for Peets sake! (sorry, couldn't resist). And a free cup of coffee with every bean purchase, that's what I call civilized. Starbucks, are you reading this?

Well, that was our day. Plus an hour or two typing this up :) See how time flies?
Sorry 'bout the lack of pics in this post.. still getting adjusted to the new camera. And does anyone really want to see my orthotics? Didn't think so. They'll be plenty of Chicago snow to take pictures of in the coming days :) :( that's a smile or frown, depending how you feel about snow.
If you're wondering about my take on cold weather.. I'd rather be here:

....than defrosting my truck. (that's me, Bermuda 2001)

Tonight it's a glass of wine with my husband and second husband.

Stay warm!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
what a great day!
health for body and mind!

Kingfisher Farm said...

A date with Danger eh?? Lol. It sounds like a great date you had, shopping, food, and java! I'm jealous, and can't wait to see what you cook up with those new tope secret supplies! Pam