'Tis the First Day of You-Know-What

Happy Winter Solstice! It feels more like the 99th day of winter than the first, yes? We're in complete sub-zero, frosted-over, where-have-all-the-animals-gone Land. It's so artic cold that we didn't go grocery shopping tonight... and I would love to thaw out in Whole Foods heated indoor parking lot. Really, driving in there is like an underground tunnel into Florida. I'll take whatever heated environments I can get.

Does Santa drive a big brown truck? Look what the UPS man brought me from dear Pam! An ellie charm necklace and a cute octopus pin to add to my collection. Both were Etsy finds. So sweet :) She also sent me a fresh block of paperclay. I can't wait to open it up and knead and smush. I have some ideas for sculpting, and will show you what I come up with!

Hubs is patiently-impatiently waiting for me to get off the computer and "wine-down" (that's our term for winding down with a glass of wine) and pop in a DVD. Gotta go! Have a nice evening!


Kingfisher Farm said...

Pengy Girl, a green elephant is the perfect symbol for you!! And the octopus has 8 talented arms, about how many you have, lol. Drink java, keep warm. Can't wait to see what you sculpt! Pam

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
ooo i love your new treasures!
happy first day of winter to you too!
m & e

a painter said...

Wine-down is a perfect expression which I think I will have to borrow.

Though I do not own any of your work, I have followed it for years and it always makes me smile.

Happy Winter Solstice to you, too! I enjoy looking at your blog and it is the season to say so! Wishing you a happy new year,too!