Swiss Miss Syndrome

All this pie is making me feel tubby. Winter hibernation foods like said pies, cookies, hot cocoa, etc, combined with lack of sunlight and inertia equals to what I call being a "Swiss Miss". You know what I'm talking about. It's a winter thing. I think just the act of making the pies made me feel full. I'm not overeating or anything, it's just that I only worked out 1x last week (Turbo Step), and nothing the week before, and I barely got through the class. Even afterwards the instructor asked me if I was alright. Pathetic I know. So, I'm determined to get back to the gym 3x a week like I was doing (until it got cold out). Gotta give me some credit though, cos two different occasions I was en route to class when the truck decided to die in the middle of the street (I learned the hard way it needs like 20 minutes to warm up first, no joke).

Okay, enough about my Swiss Miss. In my studio I came across a tiny jar filled with 1" pins, and a solitary 1.5" pin. Just thought it interesting how I can recall how/ when I got each pin, so I will bore you with it here:
  1. Busy Beaver Buttons: came with my pin set I ordered from them. Chicago's finest!

  2. Stay Analog: if you know what's good for you. Given to me by Elliot (or "Uncle Elliot" as my cats knew him when he cat-sat for us), a sound engineer/ drummer for these guys and notable others.

  3. Lula: from the cafe. They have a portion of a wall covered in pins!

  4. Powered by Tofu: I ordered from Peta

  5. 65 Grand: from a friends art opening at the art gallery

  6. Love me, don't eat me: again Peta

  7. Dead Moon: if you know who they are, we have a lot in common. Got it at their show

  8. Pierced Arrows: if you know who they are, we really have a lot in common! From their show

  9. Jens Jensen: I jumped for joy (mentally) when I saw these pins here. I love JJ! The proceeds of the pin purchase went to some botanical charity.

  10. Nerves: my husband gave to me (his former band. Our bands is how we met :)

  11. a bunny rabbit: an (unknown to me) artist designed button from Button-O-Matic dispenser at Lula (see #3).

  12. the Red Romance: Herschel is/ was lead guitarist. We go waaay back from our Philly days. He invited me & hubs when he was in town opening for the Killers at this huge place in 2007. I rarely go to arena shows (let alone, in heels), but this was an exception.

  13. the Red Romance again.

I wonder what happened to my enormo Duran Duran pin collection from the 80's? Yikes, did I say that? A girls gotta start somewhere. Hey, and speaking of.. here's a good place to start :)

Have a nice Sunday evening! I'm thinking hot cocoa (I AM going to the gym tomorrow) and that Bette Davis Netflix sounds about right.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
great post!

i love your button collection and how you showed them to us. you are so cool!

Ale said...

Yay buttons! Busy Beaver also did the Lula button, Button-o-matic, Pierced Arrows, Nerves, and Dead Moon ones.

Your Peng Peng packs turned out super cute too. How did you think of using a paper clip for your packaging?

Peng Peng said...

thanks you guys, glad u like my little pin collection :O)

busy beaver is quite, um, busy! I didn't know they did Nerves, DM and PA buttons too. Cool!

Oh, i used the paper clip cos the top part is a gift card.. a staple would ruin it.


Kingfisher Farm said...

I cant believe you had all of them in a jar, together!! LOL. In the 40's kids put all their stuff like that on a beanie and wore them. I think that could be fun. Pam