A Gathering of Softies... and Friends!

By last night, I had just about given up hope that the mail was gonna come. My soggy outgoing Netflix was still flapping in my mail box by 5pm. Then Rob arrived home from work, with mail in hand, and lo and behold... my anxiously-awaited debut issue of STUFFED! Published by the talented crew at Stampington. Like all of Stampington's publications, Stuffed Vol. 1 is a hefty mag, more akin to a softback book than a magazine. Lots to pour over in this, so grab an issue and a hot beverage... and a few cookies too.

Many moons ago, P alerted me to the call for entries, which she heard about from Danita. It was all very last minute, wasn't even sure if my singular entry would arrive by the deadline. Thankfully my Antiqued Sock Monkey "Fancy Clancy" was received and accepted~ I'm thrilled to be featured on my own whole page (that's page 125)! It includes, in my own words, inspiration and instructions to make your own sock monkey. And I'm so proud of P, she has a glorious 6 page spread (I called her frantically to tell her the news). It's nice to be in the same publication together :) And of course, with all the other talented artists in Stuffed. It is really quite a gathering of artists and inspirations. A wonderful way to begin the new year!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh pp!
that is so exciting! i will have to get a copy!
i love your new blog look!
it is wonderful!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Congrats on having that little bespectacled monkey in such a wonderful publication, you are right, it's like a book, not just a magazine! P

Mare said...

OH! Congratulations! I can't wait to grab a copy of the magazine!

Folksie Linda said...

Hi P.P. i ordered a copy of Stuffed..it looks great and fun.. your blog looks great..you did a great job redoing it... hope all is well in Chicago..