French Toast Sunday

So what does James Cagney have to do with French Toast Sunday? Well, read on~ it will all make sense by the end (in a round-about way at least).

Every Sunday I have this little ritual, I make French toast. Hence, French Toast Sunday. My favorite way is with "French Peasant" bread (does that make it extra French?), topped with warmed fruit sauce, a good dollop of plain organic yogurt, sprinkling of ground flax seeds, and naturally it would not be complete without real maple syrup (I remember as a kid pouring that clear Karo corn syrup on my pancakes, ewww! What was I thinking? And furthermore, why was it even an option as pancake topping, mom?!). Todays French toast had Soy Egg Nog in place of rice/ soy milk and I omitted the vanilla extract... but I couldn't really taste any egg noggy flavor.

At any rate, I was glad that FTS went off without a hitch, considering hubby laid the first coat of floor paint in the kitchen yesterday morning. And boy, it stunkified the whole house (yes, we had windows partially open in 15 degree temps and the heat on). The clothes I had spinning in the dryer ended up smelling like kerosene. Why paint now, in December? Are we insane? Well, the floor was just installed, and bare sanded wood needs protection from even a droplet of water (speaking of, the roof is leaky directly over the new floor...yet another project). Despite our well-intended efforts, we couldn't find any eco-friendly/ non-smelly options for floor paint, one that would be really durable and high gloss. Good ol' fashioned oil-base paint was the experts opinion. So hold your noses. But we can tell it's gonna look fantastic!

Anyhoo... to escape the noxious fumes, we braved the single digit temps and went out last night to see the 1947 b/w movie 13 Rue Madeleine, starring James Cagney (brilliant as always). He's one actor that's on our favorites list so it was a nice coincidence it was showing last night.
It's a real treat that Chicago has theaters that still show the golden oldies on the big screen... and $1 popcorn!

And that, my friends, completes the circle from James Cagney to French Toast Sunday.

P.S. Warmest thanks to those who ordered my newest "Wasabi" bear pattern in my Etsy shop! Have fun with it!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening :)

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Kingfisher Farm said...

OOO Hope the floor isnt too smelly yet today, but maybe the lower humidity will dry it. We have some rain here today, hope you aren't getting there up north! Pam