It's Black Friday, tell me about it!

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! Whether you were with friends, family, or going it solo, or with a special animal companion(s)~ I hope it was a nice day, with things to be thankful for. Rob and I are so thankful to have our own house, it's been a lot of hard work fixing it up, but it is ours. The kitchen area is undergoing a floor re-do, so it was leftover pizza for us yesterday.. cos you know, sawdust and mushroom gravy really don't go well together. But don't feel too too badly for me... I'll make a nice Tofurky dinner after the floor is installed, which should be by Tuesday. I can't wait. (it's been one year of waiting already, so whats a few more days?)

It's been quite a Black Friday morning. Let's see... where do I begin, perhaps when I left the house at 9am? My truck died a block away from home, en route to my (much needed) aerobics class. I sat for 45 minutes, waiting/ trying to restart to no avail. Thankfully a passer-byer helped push me to a legal parking spot. At least I was able to pass some of that time on the cell catching up with Pam and of course, a few frantic calls to hubby. So I walked back home, cold and defeated. Then, being quite shivery from sitting in the truck in my gym clothes, I dropped a thick glass lid in the bathroom ~ shattering into a million tiny pieces.

My plans to list 2 new bear patterns in my Etsy shop today has been postponed. Reason? My digital camera died! Hence no photos in this posting. I've had the Minolta for a few years, but it began acting weird after Rob and I 'mutually' dropped it during a hand-off at the Chicago Botanic Garden on my birthday. Guess it was just a matter of time 'til it zonked out. So that's the #1 goal this weekend: new digital camera. Hopefully our clunker truck will get us to the store. Sigh.

I may need to crawl back into bed for about 10 minutes, and start the day over. Actually, writing all this out I do feel a little better already :)

Well, time for my first cup of coffee and breakfast! I'm thankful to be safe at home now, my Internet works (how we always take that for granted, right?), the heat works, and neat stacks of freshly hand dyed mohair (what I did yesterday) await to inspire new creations. Can't wait to show you what new things I dream up!

Have a joyful holiday weekend! xoxo


Mare said...

Oh you poor thing! What a morning! I had a (metaphysics)teacher who used to say that if my car broke down it was usually because i wasn't supposed to go where i was headed! At the rate you were going, who knows what might have happened at class? Interesting things to think about...I hope your new camera is wonderful and an upgrade to boot! Happy Thanksgiving.... :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh i am so sorry about all that. i bet the rest of your day got much better!

i cannot wait to see your new bear patterns. i can tell you i want them both sight unseen.
m & e

Kingfisher Farm said...

Pengy, I gotta give you props, you were going to WORK OUT!!! OMG. I have become a complete marshmallow, and that isnt good. I hope you get that new camera soon, because I cant wait to see that newly dyed mohair! It will all shake out just fine. And you will love that new floor. Even if the tofurkey doesnt get made this year! Hugs, Pam