The Squirrel and the Pumpkin, a love story

The Squirrel chronicles continue! (previous squirrely reports here and here) My bestest friend Jeanne is reporting from Austin, Texas:
"...So we put out our many pumpkins, which get soft and fermenty in the Austin heat. The nearby squirrels are greedy, fat, and drunk. There is this one squirrel, who is such a glutton he keeps coming back to the same pumpkin, carving his own design, and eating a substantial amount of fruit and seeds. He comes back to it every few minutes. So now he looks like a mini nerf fur covered football with a head and appendages that don't steer him around very well. I hear Gayla scold him "you have had enough! You are going to get diabetes!!"

I pass him on Gayla's top porch to retrieve something and he's on the pumpkin, and he jumps off with a PLOP and instead of scooting and leaping away, he waddles down the steps, looking anxiously over his shoulder at me as he waddleplops down each step...oh oh plop...oh oh plop....then hangs on a parallel branch like a koala bear until I pass (so he can go back to his pumpkin). I told him "you fat (bleep) fat squirrel...that's pathetic. Hope winter comes soon for you, pal."

Now I found other fat squirrels (not as bad as the Glutton, but getting there) who are fighting over the pumpkin, so Gayla broke it up and put it around the yard so everyone gets some in peace. I think we are enablers." ~Jeanne

After I recovered from laughter, I begged her to send me pics of the Vitamin A-addicted squirrel. She said they have all moved on to "oranger pastures"... but did manage to find these pics taken by her house mate Gayla. Cinnamon and nutmeg anyone?

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Melissa and Emmitt said...

what a great story pp!
i love it!