A Magic Mushroom Ride Awaits...

*Big hugs* to everyone who adopted kitties and/ or Buddha bears from my web site update last week! Your orders have been shipped out and hopefully have reached your homes safely by now. There are still a few lonely kitties and Buddha bears, waiting for that special forever home! Please do stop by and visit them~ if you have a little bit of space and a big heart, they'd be ever so glad to ride their *magic mushroom caps* to your doorstep :)

And speaking of... thanks for your lovely responses about my new *Magic Mushroom Cap* cushions! I've been meaning for a long time to come up with something "foresty" for my Buddha's to rest their plumpness on. And I think these mushroom caps do the trick! They also work well as a jewelry cushion too, so I discovered :O) Multitasking, reversible little cushions they are...
At the moment, these cushions are not available separately. They were designed for each particular bear/ cat in mind.. and made to measure so they sit just right.

Boy, it's time to be thinking of Christmas season already! I have loads of neat projects I'm working on to keep my paws busy, and great things to share with you soon. Hope to have some new bear patterns any day now in my Etsy shop! fun times ahead!

Enjoy your Sunday! xoxo


Kingfisher Farm said...

I think your magic mushroom caps are tons of fun, and the gnomes are really looking at home with them too! Pam

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
we just love the buddah that just arrived. the mushroom caps are just perfect!
i cannot wait for your new pattern!

KSedlak said...

What a great idea. I really like these mushroom caps and they do make the Buddah's and kitties look more comfortable for sitting.
Little Pepper is adorable too. I wish I was able to purchase him, but we have way too many things going on around here right now.
Your imagine is endless and I always look forward to your updates.