Morning Funnies

Hmmm, I don't think boiled OJ would be a good idea. I gave myself a good chuckle when I did this! See what happens when I go 2 days without coffee? I can't drink coffee black, so for lack of rice milk I drank black tea. But today, my "MVP" was back in action with some Italian roast. As a friend once said, tea is for when you want to feel zen and peaceful, and coffee for being productive~ this is why she swears by coffee in the AM. Though I love good quality tea, as evidenced by my "tea drawer":

Well, I finally finally did grocery shopping yesterday... after missing a week. Yesterday morning I was eating the last pack of instant oatmeal out of a Pyrex measuring cup so things were pretty desperate, LOL. Snow storm be damned, I was determined to get out of the house and feel human again. Rob called me twice (he tried my cell which I turn off during aerobics class, and the land line) all concerned if I was driving around in the snow storm, and how the power steering was working (it's on the fritz). He is a sweetie to check up on me :) I made it home safely, basically sailing the truck into a snow pile/ parking spot (it's a pick up truck, no 4 wheel drive). Now I can relax knowing the kitchen is stocked, and we are good through Xmas.

Saturday forecast is calling for 50 degrees! FIFTY!! I pray that's no mistake. It'd be a perfect time to transport some Home Depot tropical plants. Just don't get the tall palms, they always die. Believe me, I've tried. Maybe some little pots in the kitchen, and my studio could use some greenery. I'm thinking positive here, 50 degrees...50 degrees.

If you've read this far, pat yourself on the back for not being bored to death! Groceries, snow storm, the weather (yawn)... guess it's due to being in 'survival' mode, that's what frigid temps do to me. I promise more exciting posts in 2009!

Oh, I used up the whole pack of Paperclay that she gave me. I am lovin' the stuff! About a year ago I bought a block of (stale) Paperclay, the expiration date on it only gave me a week to use it.. duh. So I didn't do much with that. But I had so much fun using a new medium, I think I'm addicted. After Xmas, I will reveal what tiny sculpted things I made. Something to look forward to :)

enjoy the day!


Kingfisher Farm said...

that some kind of expresso pot the oj is in?? Thats the joke right?
I'm kinda slow, lol. I agree you are stocked to the hilt with tea! Some people have diamonds for status, Peng Peng has her teas! It looks all too pretty and organized. I wouldnt dare show my tea stash. Pam

Peng Peng said...

Yes, that is my Bodum french press. We have 3 of them in diff sizes :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

merry christmas pp!
what a fun post! yay! 50 degrees!
i cannot wait to see your new sculptures!
m & e