Thomas & Thomasina ~ the Sweet Alley Cats

'Twas a cold snowy night, a pitch black wintry night~ 'cept for the lonely glow of a street lamp and the twinkling golden lights from within warm & safe houses. Oh, how a bowl of food and a nap by the fireplace would be a dream come true for our little noble alley cats "Thomas" and "Thomasina".

Though their fur coats are distressed from seasons past & hardships untold, Thomas and Thomasina remain gentle felines~ for once long ago a kindly old woman took care of them as she would her own children, that is, until she no longer could. You see, the cats didn't understand exactly why they have nine lives and she only one. So they each hold a little perfect flower to remember how sweet life can truly be.

Through good times and bad, Thomas and Thomasina have never given up hoping, wishing for that special forever home. If not by each others side, then they would love to stay close by yours. A loyal friend each would be!

*Their details: Both are one of a kind. Hand-dyed/ distressed mohair, hand painted glass eyes, embroidered noses on mohair muzzles, polyfil/ encased steel BB's (nice tactile weight), fully jointed, claws/ tails/ whiskers. Thomas is 6" tall, has hand dyed wool felt ear lining. Thomasina is 5 1/4" tall, has vintage hand dyed velvet ear lining, wired tail. Both wear vintage velvet ribbon with gold jingle bells and holding their little flowers. $225 each. Thomas & Thomasina are adopted!

On behalf of our sweet alley cats~ Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh they are wonderful! i especially love the colors you chose!
:) m

KSedlak said...

They're just so darn cute.