leafy company is good company

Wow, already day 6 into the new year! I hope '09 is off to a good start for you.
Been working behind the scenes here on my new web site! It's really close to being "done" (my web site is always a work in progress, the beast!) and I'll announce when the new-do is up and running.

I've put some plants in my studio and it changes the whole vibe. There is hardly any empty surface space (as one could imagine) so I shuffled some things around to make room. There are 2 large windows; one always has a curtain down cos it faces the neighbors, the other window faces our backyard and gets nice light.

The 'self-watering' pot is ingenious! Why don't they make all pots this way? I got it at the Home Depot, and the plants too. That's a 'lipstick' plant I think. She was propagated a few years ago from clippings off a huge hanging plant that was dying... so she lives on! I love propagating plants, you can get an indefinite amount of plants from just one. My friend has a spider plant 'ancestor' from a spider plant her brother planted for a school project like 30 yrs ago.

Nothings says "winter time" like tropical indoor plants, cranked up humidifier and Hawaiian records. That's what I like to do.
What do you like to do during the 'nesting' months? Any resolutions for the new year?


Kingfisher Farm said...

Peng Peng I admore your patience with indoor plants, I kill all mine, or the pets do. I leave my gardening outside. I am feeding the wild birds, and today they were waiting for me to fill the feeder, since we had snowfall last night, making foraging difficult. Pam

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oooo! i cannot wait to see you new website!
i definitely need self watering pots!

Mare said...

Hi PengPeng...a room is not a room without a plant! hahaha My house is loaded with them...too many maybe. I gave several of them baths yesterday and had to put a few of the bigger trees in the shower as they are way too big for the sink! Enjoy your greenery! And i can't wait to see your new site!

Ginie-Lee said...

Hi Peng Peng, I like to make soup and herby dumplings , homemade bread and buns during the nesting period. Yum!
Love the story about the spider plant!