"Seriesously" Obsessed!

Reflecting on my work to date, what I collect, things i'm drawn to, and even my CD collection and what DVD's I watch - one thing is clear as a bell: I'm a nut about things in 'series'. Maybe it's power in numbers, things en masse, repetition, pattern, themes, abundance, to see an idea come to fruition. Series allows one to organize thoughts and process, to play with boundaries verses be caught in them. What I find most interesting and profound about series, is that a small universe is created within itself. And those are places I like to explore :)

Even as a child I collected series; Avon decanters, plush animals, Sanrio, were the big ones... and oh how I took pride in them! In my twenties I was a raging collectaholic (fueled by my thrift store addiction, Philly had some of the BEST thrifts ever!). Over time, moving homes, purges (yes, I did let go of a massive Norfin Troll collection, but will admit to have saved just ONE), and perhaps discovering a bit more about myself, I've fine tuned my life to being "a minimalist who collects things"... a favorite phrase I once read somewhere. Creating is a fascinating journey, and I hope you enjoy the places we go together :)

1. Dumplings, the miniature bears (circa 2003~ retired breed)

2. Grinning Round Headed bears (circa 2004 ~ retired breed)

3. Buddha Bears

4. Pointed nose squat bears (essentially 'retired' breed, stuffing them with excelsior proved too hard on my paws, and takes a looong time to stuff just right. But i do love them so!)

5. Antiqued Mini Bears

6. Sock Monkeys & Ellies (2005-present)

7. Anime Sweeties

8. "Wee Bears" (can't get enough of these!)

9. Mohair Elephants (wide squat-shaped and upright 'traditional')

10. What's next?? It will be exciting to see!

As for DVD's i'm currently crazed about: My husband and i just devoured the 1940's Sherlock Holmes series starring Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce. Now we've moved on to the 1980's Granada TV series Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett (who many claim to be the ultimate Holmes) and I must agree!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi pp!
wonderful post! i love all of your bears and what you love to collect!
speaking of collections, would it be possible to commission a buddah bear for melanie's birthday this year?

Peng Peng said...

hi M,

glad u enjoyed that little trip down pengy lane :O) Certainly, i'd be honored to make a Buddha bear for Melanie's B-day.. talk soon!

xo, pp

Melissa & Emmitt said...

i am so excited! this will be the perfect special gift for our 40th b-day. :)
so wonderful!
thank you pp!

Folksie Linda said...

Wow I loved that post...it was so nice to see how your work has changed with the times...they are all super duper cute!! Wish i had gotten some of those dumplings though!