New One-of-a-kind cuties this week!

A little sneak peek for this week: I will be posting new One-of-a-kind petite bears here on my blog, sometime early this week (note: i couldn't fit all their heads in the photo without giving away too much ;o) No exact time or date, but i will say, before Wednesday for sure. When they are posted, I'll be sending out an e-mail notice to my private mailing list (to join, just visit my web site). Ordering is simple~ send me an e-mail and I will write back to confirm your order ASAP.

Hope you're soaking up this beautiful first day of June! I've been busy in the studio (indoors of course) so far today, but will be sure to take an evening stroll by the nearby woods... when the bats, raccoons and rabbits make an appearance :O)

~ pp (^__^)


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Peng Peng!
Yay! I cannot wait to meet them!
:) Melissa

Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh how fun this will be!! The park near your home sounds wonderful. Pam