11 Minutes

It's that kind of hot summer day... you just want to take a cat nap on cool white cotton sheets by the shade of the window. Like my feline friend Rosa is doing (and does every day for many hours). A power nap does wonders to rejuvenate mind and energy mid-day. Personally I favor the "11 minute nap", that's about all I really need.

Plus it's a good excuse to spend some quality time with miss pinky toes :)


Kingfisher Farm said...

Love those feline toes, and her claws there like they should be! My Dash kitty caught a mouse with hers last night! EEK! Pam

Peng Peng said...

ain't those paw pads sweet? so pink and clean :O) Dash was just doing what comes natural... poor micey though!

jpod said...

Your baby looks so sweet sleeping

over there.

underside belly up....


rosa must be how old now? Being

extremely well loved must be

The secret to a long life. I sure

hope many more years of

extreme homey-ness, love and


and btw, power to the power


Peng Peng said...

hey Jpod.. whassup with the double spacing? you nut ;0P
my baby is 15 years young, bless her soul. And still goin' like an energizer bunny, well, when she's not power-cat-napping that is!

Folksie Linda said...

oh Peng Peng, Rosa is so sweet.. i love laying down with my kitties..they are so lovable! Thanks for sharing her sweetness!