New June Cuties at Abracadabra Teddies UK!

Here they are, the new gang I made for Abracadabra Teddies UK shop! Featuring 2 plump 'Buddha Bears'~ the lovable Mr. Blueberry Ice and happy Little Samuel Sunshine, 2 ellies~ Lucille the silly red head, and the teeniest ellie I've made yet...Blue Chiku. And who's that one in the front? That would be a singleton wee bear, the adorable Tiny Tamu. All are One-of-a-Kinds, available for adoption now at Abracadabra.


Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh I love Lucille!! I bet she has a temper! Pam

Peng Peng said...

LOL! nah...all my ellies are 'gentle giants' in miniature form :O) Lucille is a firecracker though, that silly red head! xo

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh i love them all! the buddah bears are wonderful!

Folksie Linda said...

Oh they are all adorable...hmmm. i will have to e-mail Marsha as i was on that e-mail list and didn't get it this time..maybe got swallowed up in spam!