~ a flower for Petal ~

Perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something, when I posted 'one little lost ellie' yesterday. I had not yet heard the news 'til today...

On June 9th, Petal, the oldest African elephant in U.S., died at Philadelphia Zoo at age 52. May she find freedom and her herd in the heavens :)

Here is Petal in her bleak zoo surroundings, in what was to be her final months of life. Photo taken February 2008, by Friends of Philly Zoo Elephants.

And by contrast, an elephant herd in the wild (they walk in formation to protect the little ones in the center :O)

For more info about Petal & the Philly Zoo elephants:

Save Wild Elephants
The Elephant Sanctuary who took in Dulary, a former Philly Zoo ellie.
Friends of Philly Zoo Elephants
Philly Daily News


Kingfisher Farm said...

She was majestic. I hope she had ellie friends with her! This looks so bleak, she does look alone here.

Peng Peng said...

thanks P :O) Apparently she had 2 other female elephants in the zoo 'exhibit'. There was a fourth, Dulary, who was fortunate enough to be transferred to the Sanctuary a few years ago.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi pp
Thank you for showing us Petal. She was a beautiful creature.