in the white room

We've been rehabbing our 1920's house in what seems like forever in the 2 years we've owned it. The upstairs floor of our house I have dubbed "Man's Land" cos that's where all of Rob's guy stuff is, his studio/ office/ workshop/ storage. Man's Land is also where I keep my bulky craft supplies, like that 20 lb bag of polyfil! It's all very utilitarian with the exception of the tiny oasis known as the bathroom. We set up this temporary bedroom for my mom's recent visit, in what was and will return to be, a painting studio. We painted everything primer white, including the floor which was really gross and tacky after we pulled up the old shag carpeting.

The 'white room' has taken on a nice vibe, and our cat Rosa must agree 'cos she has adopted this space as her personal 2nd bedroom. What a life, eh?


KSedlak said...

They always seem to find the best places for napping. I have to agree with Rosa. The white room looks very peaceful for a good cat nap.
Gosh, that really does sound nice. I may have to go and try that today.

Laura Lynn said...

I just LOVE the composition of your first photo! What a neat picture and yes, a great place for a cat nap ;)

Melissa & Emmitt said...

oh! i like the white room! it is so clean and inviting. I cannot wait to see it as you apinting studio too. what a wonderful space!

Peng Peng said...

When it's set up as a painting studio again, the 'white room' will look more like a Jackson Pollock painting! LOL!