Lonely Little Ellie looking for a home

*Happy Father's Day*

Oh my...another lost little ellie! This sweet gal is from the April herd, and wonders if she will soon find a loving home, like her herd mates have. Luckily this tiny deer came along to keep her company and now they are inseparable friends :)

"Peachi Paki" is her name and the tiny deer comes with her, of course! A chunky cutie, just 4 1/2" tall, hand dyed bristle mohair, handpainted glass eyes, hand dyed pale minty green wool felt pads, jointed limbs, excelsior/ polyfil, wearing a handmade primitive yet charming dress of vintage feedsack cottons. One of a kind. $175 SOLD

"may i join your herd?"


roselyn said...

good looking and interesting blog… it's nice to be here!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Awww everyone needs someone deer to them! We have a whitetail doe hanging around. I wonder where her baby is. Pam

Peng Peng said...

Hi R, glad to meet U and to hear u enjoy my blog!


Great pun Pam! you are a deer pal ;O)

we have lots of deer around here too, and raccoons.. lots of little masked babies in the trees :O)

KSedlak said...

It takes a dear to know a deer. Peach Paki is a little cutie and it looks like she found a new home. Oh so glad for her. I love her color.
Hope your having a wonderful Sunday.