the Mohair Furnace...

...one could say my studio is exactly that. 77% humidity and holding steady at 90 degrees, what happened to spring? As the saying goes & Chicagoans know, there are 2 seasons here; winter and summer!

Last night we watched Billy Wilder's 1951 classic "Ace in the Hole", the film is set in sweltering hot New Mexico, you feel thirsty just watching it. Thank god this vintage Windsor metal fan was in the basement, it came in quite handy during the heat wave! The previous owner had carefully wrapped it in plastic and safely stored it away, so it's in beautiful condition. I'd love it's periwinkle blue color... wonder if they ever made one in pale pink? :)

Today we are enjoying welcomed relief with the new AC window unit we put in my studio (phew!), and now i can resume concentrating on new projects (instead of survival things, like dehydration, lol).

Nearly completed my group for Abracadabra Teddies and working on some new items for my Etsy shop that I'm really enjoying making and can't wait to show you ;o) will keep you posted about all of that soon.

And last, but certainly not least...*Big HUGZ* to everyone who adopted the *June Sweeties* i posted here last Tuesday, they are all so happy to have found new homes (preferably with central air?) :O)

~Stay cool and have a great rest of weekend, pp


Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi pp!
that is a cool fan! i am so glad it is cooling down. i cannot wait to see what you are working on!
your etsy store is so great!
:) melissa

Peng Peng said...

hi M,
today was just gorgeous; cool post-rain tropical feeling :) same where u r? glad u like my budding etsy shoppe :)

Kingfisher Farm said...

Pengy girl,What a great fan! This proves they dont make them like they used to, plastic fans just arent so chic. I can soooo relate to the mohair furnace! It's a fur dust storm here at the farm too, now that the rains have quit. P