Spring Showers Bring Good Things

It's raining cats n' dogs here in Chicago! Our rain barrel is overflowing, just dieing to use it to water some plants (that is, when we get a'planting, which will be soon!). We've got 2 compost bins in the yard, one I made from a large plastic garbage can (with animal-proof snap down lid) by drilling air holes in it. That one I started about 1 1/2 yrs ago and we used most of the compost for last fall's plantings. Our new compost bin is the Earth Machine.

Chicago has a great program for residents that offers deeply discounted rain barrels and Earth Machines every year. Finally last year we found out the when/ where and got in line! And I'm proud to say it was a LOOONG line. I don't care if it looks like a Dalek parked in our yard, I'm a Dr. Who fan anyways (the Tom Baker years).

On a daily basis I feed our yard "Dalek" cuttings/trimmings of produce, egg shells, coffee grinds, brown paper, leaves (saved from last fall), even dryer lint is compostible. I can't stand the thought of waste, especially when it can be turned into the "black gold": fertilizer.

The spring shower today has brought yet another Etsy Treasury! Curated by the lovely chyrls (she's been SO good to me!): Spring Showers-of birds and greens by mother nature. My mini Gnome Buddha Bear AODHAN is featured, he's the last little bugger looking for a home.. and hopes to bring you sunshine and rainbows and spring miracles :) Take a peek!

Have a lovely Monday! xo


Kingfisher Farm said...

Dalek in your back yard!!! Hahahaha!!!! Time to garden just as soon as it stops raining!! Pam
my word to verify is slyme!! Hahahah

Peng Peng said...

slyme? that's a keeper! i guess it's olde-fashioned spelling ;o)