Best Friends Treasury

Such a nice thing happened today. Just the sorta thing I needed to boost my spirits as I've been struck with a bad case of stomach virus, which has kept me bedridden all day.
chyrls put together a lovely Etsy treasury about Best Friends, and my print of the same title is featured! chyrls, what a sweetheart, and her shop is super cute (I love her miniature cards).

This is about all the typing I can do, will check in later when I'm feeling 100%.

Thank god Rob stayed home from work to monitor me. A best friend indeed ;o)


Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh no!! Hope you are back to normal soon! P

Grandma62 said...

Hope you wil be better soon.

Mare said...

Hi PengPeng! I am so happy for you! I too am laid up with a very bad cold...Let's get better soon!

Chyrl's Origami Cards said...

Really glad to see this on your blog and that it helped to brighten your day.

Take good care there, my new friend :)