"N" is for Nest

Rob and I took a lovely short walk today (as we often do) in between the raindrops sort of speaking. Chicago has had steady on/off showers since yesterday, and looks like more H2O coming tomorrow. The moisture is making everything bloom, so I can't complain. I took some pics along our stroll for you:

Birds seem to come up with the most imaginative places to build a little nest, don't they? I've seen many a' nest in unexpected "industrial" nooks. These birds seem to know their alphabet, how else could they so appropriately chose the "N" for Nest? There was an unoccupied "Z" and even an "O" (a good nest shape I would think). Let me just add "B" is for Bird, and Brilliant!

Forest friends, a small herd of spring deer (5 of them). I used the zoom feature on the camera, as I'm a believer in "forest etiquette" which means respecting their/our space and treading lightly. Also, I didn't want to disturb Miss Pinky Tongue's mid-day snack:

So sweet!

After our walk I had a lovely surprise today! I found out that BRONTE Owl is featured in his second Treasury! He must be trying to keep up with AODHAN Gnome (see previous post). You can see BRONTE in Etsy Treasury "Mediterranean Blue" curated by LaTouchables (thank you!) until April 28. I love this Treasury, so full of turquoise blues - one of my favorite colors. I'm so flattered for all the Etsy love, it is a great community they have going on there. "N" is also for Nice, maybe the birds knew that too. :o)


Jocelan Thiessen said...

congrats on the treasury!! your bears are super cute!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Wow great photography!! Love all the intent stares, as in, who is watching who??? Congrats on your treasury and why aren't your new prints featured on this blog?? Pam

Peng Peng said...

HI gals! thanks for the congrats!
Pam, you are one step ahead of moi! see my newest post :)

Ragini said...

Beautiful Photographs.

I totally agree with you about Forest Etiquette. We must follow it wherever possible as we are just a guest in their home.

Here'e few Forest Etiquette we should remember & follow: