KLAY MAN #1 Gets His 15 Minutes of Fame

In all his bald, miniature, monochrome glory KLAY MAN #1 had the distinguished honor to grace the front page of Etsy today (trumpets sounding)! I just got home from the gym and happened to check Etsy before making lunch, and it was a good thing I did. Thanks Etsy!!

KLAY MAN no.5 is now up in the shop. I've been slow at adding the rest of them.. since there are only 9 in this limited edition series. But I will try to get the final four up soon!

Have a marvelous Monday!


Mare said...

Klay Men may be bald and monochrome, but they sure are cute! Congratulations!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

congratulations pp!
how exciting!
i love all of your creations!

Inge Vivianne Galli said...

Congratulations & so well deserved! I always new Klay man had it in him! ..LOL


Kingfisher Farm said...

He's so modest lol. Just wait until an agent gets ahold of him! Hehehe.

Grandma62 said...

Concratulations. You and Klay Man deserve it.

Peng Peng said...

Thanks all! KLAY MAN's were quite happy about no.1's accomplishment.. they celebrated it over jugs of soymilk, hard boiled eggs, and rice pudding.