Meet the KLAY MAN's!

KLAY MAN, a new "mini series" which is a play of words on my surname. :) I'll never forget when one of my Fine Art Painting professors in art college joked "Klayman, you oughta be in ceramics!". Hardee har har. Well, rest assured I didn't switch majors (I'm a survivor, damnit!). However, yes, there is something I like about clay...

"we are simple, minimalist fellows"

As much as I adore color, I also am a big fan of monochrome white. I love the clean lines and purity of it. I found myself actually liking the natural white color of the paper clay. I did however paint them warm white for consistency. So this is my first monochrome endeavor, and I'm a wee bit giddy/ nervous about it, but I just had to try it :)

A few of the mini KLAY MAN's are wearing hats, just as my grandpop Klayman always did. I think men should wear dapper hats more often, like they did in the 1940's, don't you think?

They are also achieving various states of baldness (love ya dad!). You will find that some are totally bald, some have wisps of stubble, some with rapidly receding hairlines, and even one has a comb-over (I won't tell who just yet). Their subtle details are revealed upon a closer look. A really closer look. They're only about 2 inches small afterall!

Just what the world needs... more KLAY MAN's! (loud cheering)

Each KLAY MAN is one-of-a-kind, individually hand sculpted from paper clay over a weighted internal armature. Then sanded, painted and sealed with a matte finish, signed/ dated on the bottom. Each comes with an archival hang tag and hand stamped gift box.

All nine will be available in my Etsy shop. I'll be posting them a few at a time in my shop over the next few days, beginning today!

Have fun this weekend! xo


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh i love them! they have a story to tell! i can hear it now!

m & e

Peng Peng said...

thanks M & E!!

Inge Vivianne Galli said...

Hurray for the Klay mans!!! So simple and yet so full of live and personality!

Wishing you a lovely weekend & Hugs,