Three's Company

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Ours was all about delicious leftovers... and er, drywall compound since Rob was diligently working away in our soon-to-be-finished breakfast room! I baked an apple pie yesterday (since the chocolate chip cookies ran out ;) and it made the house smell so cozy in that holiday sort of way.

On my studio table this morning are works in progress of 3 little black bears. They'll be part of my big December Holiday update! I've sketched out some pretty ambitious plans, so with some luck and elbow grease, I'll have everything ready by early December! (um, which starts tomorrow, wow!). Stay tuned for more sneak peeks as things progress.

Happy Monday!

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Tracy said...

oh dear...more bears! and i just bought 2 last month!! i'm thinking i'm going to need one of these little black guys though...they're already looking cute!