Luck be a Lady...

I think Frankie Sinatra Junior Lovebug is part raccoon, part teddy bear, part snugglebug all balled up into a large mocha cappuccino topped off with whipped cream, dusted with nutmeg and cinnamon sugar. And a generous square of dense fudge brownie on the side. Yes, he is that sweet!

Here he is this morning, just so you can see his yummy coloring. Back of ears are deep chocolate blending into cream, then light brown to dark brown tabby stripes. My neighbor who first spotted him thought he was a raccoon, but then saw those baby blue eyes. His belly is marshmallow white and he loves to have it rubbed!

Frankie has got it all: personality, good looks, gentle disposition. The only thing he's missing is a loving forever home :( Fingers and paws crossed that by Thanksgiving he's settling into a cozy warm home for the holidays. Frankie hopes that "luck be a lady" and will make his dreams come true!

*If you are in Chicago area, and would like to give Frankie a home, send me an e-mail for details.


Inge Vivianne Galli said...

So absolutely charming Frankie looks! He's a huge.. huge cuddle!!
What are you feeding him? think your so very.. very spoiling him :-)))

Think he already found his lady?

Hugs for you both!

Peng Peng said...

oh, vivianne.. u make me giggle! :O)
I know the pics he looks chubby, but really he is a big-boned husky cat.. like a bear! I think any lady he meets is "his lady" LOL!