Frankie Sinatra Junior Lovebug Needs a Loving Home

CHICAGOLAND AREA: Fabulous Cat for adoption!

Frankie: a husky, healthy 11 pound neutered male, Siamese/ Tabby short hair mix, Approx age 1+ year.

We first saw poor Frankie wandering around the alley nibbling on an old piece of bread off a garbage can. We knew this guy deserved better, so we took him to Tree House cat clinic for neutering and now he's being fostered by us. (Unlike feral Miss Una, Frankie is a socialized stray, not a feral cat). He's ready for a loving home today!

Frankie is a STUNNING unique mix of Siamese cream/mocha and brown tabby stripes. He has gorgeous BLUE eyes (hence the name), ever so slightly crossed that gives him loads of character! He's understandably a bit frightened from the recent changes in his life, yet remains a VERY tame, gentle, curious and affectionate boy. Frankie loves to flop over for belly rubs, enjoys being pet just about anywhere, even let me hold his paws while spooning :) He will make a fabulous companion when he can relax in a permanent forever home.

Vaccines: 1 yr rabies/ FVRCP (feline distemper)/ microchipped.

Frankie just needs a place to snuggle with you, good food and a warm bed. Maybe there's enough room in your heart for this loving devoted fella?

Please contact me by e-mail to schedule a time to meet Frankie. Hurry! Frankie is waiting for you!


Kingfisher Farm said...

KEEP HIM!! I have 3 else I would!

Peng Peng said...

That would make it so simple, right? If i were to keep every cat I rescue or TNR, I'd have 2 new cats every week! that would leave me with no time or resources to continue to rescue other cats.