Leave the Leaves

(Rake vs. Leaf Blower)
How I've seen many an individual chasing a few blades of grass or stray leaves with this gas-powered monster. Drives me nuts! 4 Reasons Not to Use a Leaf Blower

If you've been following my Facebook posts (and I hope you are!), you know I've been advocating SAVING YER LEAVES!! Let 'em sit in a pile for 2 years to decompose into leaf mold, a valuable soil builder, use them as a rich fertilizer for your gardens and plants, layer dried leaves with food clippings in your compost bin (especially in winter, when there aren't any more leaves!), use them as a fine & fragrant dark mulch around your flower bed. Leaves contain the most nutrients from the tree, so why waste 'em? Pass this info along to a friend or neighbor, next year they won't have to buy fertilizer :O)


Heather said...

While we don't leave our leaves on the grass, we do gather them up every year and dump them in our side yard... which I must say... since we have been doing this for 10 years now, our sideyard went from an empty field to a lush forest area. It's been really neat watching it grow... and the leaves DEFINITELY have helped with that!!!

Peng Peng said...

Wow! Great story and thank you for 'leaving' your leaves in your yard :)

Pamela said...

we don't rake our leaves either! of course we don't live in town and have no one to impress.