oh Frankie, Frankie, Frankie

Just look at this! It's Frankie's front paw, y'all! A big kitty mitt! We are still trying to find a permanent home for this big lovebug boy. Hoped it wouldn't be this difficult. The longer he stays here, the harder it is on my heart. A neighbor just popped by this morning with her baby and little boy.. Frankie did well with the kids! He was mellow and curious. One of the things nagging at my brain asks "who did such a wonderful job socializing this cat?" yet (a big "yet") neglected to put a collar/ID on him (if being let outdoors) and failed or procrastinated to neuter him (yet still let him outdoors, or he escaped in frustration, who knows).

The #1 reason why cats and dogs stray is when they're not spayed/ neutered... they can't resist the urge to mate. I keep wondering who the previous owners are, wondering why there are NO lost cat flyers posted looking for him in this area, wondering if he was just abandoned, or if he got disoriented from roaming too far and just got lost. He was in very good shape when he walked into my humane-trap.. clear eyes, good coat, good weight.. just hungry and needy! Who knows how long he's been on the streets. If he lives nearby.. why is no one looking for him? I'd be frantic if it were my own cat missing.

Aside from the who, when, what, where's and why's.. I need to focus on finding him a permanent loving home. And before you go asking me (like I've already heard the umpteenth time) "why don't you keep him?" we simply aren't ready to commit to the long-term care of a cat. Not so long ago, a chapter closed in my life.. a 15 year long chapter- taking care of my beloved 3 cats til the very end. When I commit to caring for an animal, it's for life. I'm just not prepared for "round 2" yet. And that's just not fair to Frankie- he deserves a forever home with someone(s) who is ready to bond and love this guy til the end. I'm working hard to make that happen for this special guy, and wouldn't be so anxiety ridden about it if I could go the easy route and just keep him. So lets all pray and send good vibes for Frankie to be adopted before Thanksgiving!

Though I'm loving Frankie's company, it hasn't been an easy past few days on the emotions and I needed to vent/ think out loud... I'll talk to anyone who will listen, so thanks for listening!



Katie Grace said...

oh Peng! I feel for you. And I feel for Frankie too. I bet you'll find just the right person. I'll ask my cousin who just moved to Chicago, but I'm not sure what her living situation is like. Won't hurt to try. My heart goes out to you in hopes to ease the emotions that might be getting you down. I recently lost a cat during a move, and wake in the night crying for him. Cats are angels, and Frankie will find the right home to bless.

Peng Peng said...

thanks Katie, i've shed many tears agonizing over this big furbean!! I love what you said about Cats being angels and finding the right home to bless :))) So very true!! xoxo

Folksie Linda said...

Oh Peng Peng gal..he is beautiful and if i lived in Chicago .. i would take him in a heart beat..he looks like a beautiful boy..doesn't look too neglected..thank Goodness.. also want to talk to you about my new book i am working on.. i want 25% of the sales to go to the cause you are working with so we will have to talk about that.. i have started the book but it is in early rough stages..watch my blog for info too. Praying Frankie finds a home and it is wonderful for what you are doing girl!!!!