Round and Round We Go


on earth....

....could I be making with this jumble of stuff?

Miniature Owl Sculptures!
(above: works in progress)

As I look at the photo, it humors me because it appears they are Stonehenge! For being tiny objects, they have a grand scale.

I was shaping paperclay to make Buddha bears, yet continuously my hands made owls. It could not be fought. That is the time to "listen" to the hands, because usually they are right.

After various alterations, I've landed on a form that pleases me (and hopefully you too :o). One thing for certain is I'm attracted to round shapes. It's become apparent by the shrinking limbs on my mohair bears & elephants designs, and also evidenced in the iconic figures of my recent illustrations, that what interests me greatly is the rounded form- the purity of line and elimination of fussiness.

Simplicity, not simple-mindedness:
Another PP! Pablo Picasso's "Le Hibou" (the Owl).

I will announce when my "Petit Hibous" make their debut!
Have a fabulous, fascinating Friday!
xoxo, pp


Eva said...

ooo... i love owls :) love your buddha bears and everything you make really :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
i LOVE your owls! teddy bears and owls are melanie and my favorite things! :)
i just love your work!

Mare said...

Hi PengPeng! Great owls!

Kingfisher Farm said...

I cant wait to see them, I know they will be special. Pam