Battle of the Pengs!

Okay, I admit it. Occassionally I Google my own name to see what pops up (even my dad does, and he really has no reason to). Today I happened to Google myself, and in the first 2 pages or so of searches, I discovered a blog post mentioning me, my sock monkeys... and another well-known Peng Peng, a child pianist from China. It gave me a chuckle, in a surprised sort of way (plus they used my sock monkey image without permission, or credit...grrrr, but we all know it's mine). Well, I'll let you read it here: Korngold and Sock Monkeys.

In the paragraph I'm mentioned, the author states that the child-pianist Peng Peng Gong has knocked me out of first position in a Google search. Well, today I checked~ and look who's back on top! (click image to see it full size)

Take that 16 yr old Peng Peng! I've out ranked you! Sock Monkeys prevail! (insert fantasy sequence here of gang of sock monkeys attacking young Peng Peng Gong while he performs his solo with National Symphony Orchestra).

Just to be a good sport, here is a link to my most formidable rival.

Now let's shake hands :O)


K. Grace said...

Hahah! This is hilarious! I can definitely picture the gang of sock monkeys going after him :0)

K. Grace said...

...let's just hope he doesn't take up sewing!!!

Peng Peng said...

PP Junior better hope I don't take up PIANO! lol! ;o)

Kingfisher Farm said...

I am cracking up!! THey even used a photo of one of your monkies, and NOT a picture of the child prodigy! Ok this leads me to believe that a sock monkey could be more entertaining than the pianist. Or cuter! HA! Pam

jfl said...

I have tried to make amends for use of Sock Monkey picture by linking to your website and giving due credit for the picture.

("Use of Sock Monkey picture kindly tolerated by Peng Peng, the Sock Monkey artist lady.")

Cheerio & best of luck in the PengPeng struggle over Googlesupremacy.