Fresh Greens

Our Friday IKEA trip was fruitful & exhausting (per usual). By the time we made it to the bottom level for rugs we were delirious with decision making. After much deliberation (and pining over the $1000+ handwoven Turkish rugs that are WAY WAY out of our budget), we finally chose the EGEBY sisal rug with green border to grace our home (2 of 'em). Now that we have the rugs down, our living areas feel more like well, a living area, rather than a dusty construction zone pass-through. Now we all know rugs are intended to protect the floor from wear, but funnily enough we've been tip-toeing around the rugs as if not to spoil them. Silly, right? In a few days the newness will wear off and they'll be surely 'broken in' ;o)

Another IKEA score, the RIBBA frames. I think they're pretty handsome in the black. My letter-sized prints fit perfectly and looks great with their matt board. BTW, that's a new print in my shop entitled "Jade Buddha", ain't he sweet?

Those are my fresh greens for today! toodle-loo!


Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh what a pretty carpet. So fresh! That is one thing I cannot have with 3 messy dogs underfoot, is a light colored carpet! And what a jolly little fellow. Pam

Mare said...

You know, I had to laugh about you avoiding walking on the carpet to protect it. I can see myself doing the very same thing! :)

K. Grace said...

yes, he is sweet! as is the buddha bear that arrived the other day! my oh my! i'm taking pictures of him as we speak! :)