New Mini Buddha Figurines!

Come see what tiny creatures popped out of the woods today!

#1 Mr. Hobbs SOLD

#2 Tiny Michelangelo SOLD

#3 Olland SOLD

#4 Tiny Nicholas SOLD

#5 Zenny Penny SOLD

I will be posting these little ones today and tomorrow in my Etsy shop!
any questions or to reserve one, send me a note :)

Update: These Mini Buddha Bears have all been adopted! Thank you!!!

(P.S. If you missed out on my latest update, do check my shop~ there are currently 4 homeless Mini Buddha Bears who need some love too, including darling "MUDDE" who was one of my first mini sculptures!)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
they are wonderful! i love their colors and expressions!

Eva said...

darn I'm too late- I really wanted Mr. Hobbs- so cute!

**MATTHEW'S BEARS** said...

wow!! they are super sweet :) and i have been having a propa look at you prints, they are amazing, you are sooo talented.. :) x's matthew

Peng Peng said...

ohhh thanks everyone!

Eva, i can see why Mr. Hobbs would appeal to you...mushroomy love! ;)