Turbo Tina

In my Turbo Kick class we learned a new move today, it's called the "Tina Turner". If you can picture this: on the balls of your feet, move (or more like shake) your legs by taking lots of quick small steps, very rapidly like a football player does in warm-ups, while making your shoulders and arms do a motion like a big waterfall then upwards again. Can you see it? I feel like I need a long wig and a shimmy dress to do that move. But my stubby pony tail and sweat pants will have to do.

One of the instructors, in her early 20's (bless her soul), took a moment to explain "the move" to us. She prefaced honestly "I don't know who Tina Turner is, doesn't she have the big wild hair?". (insert pause and raised eyebrows here) First I thought, wow.. this really shows my age, but then instantly I wondered, how can you not know who Tina Turner is? Funny thing, a few weeks prior, the same instructor was sorting through CD's and blurted "who is Fleetwood Mac?" as if it was a person (we know Mick Fleetwood is a person, but we are referring to the band). Now, I may not be hip to all the new current recording artists, but Tina Turner is one that every woman should know.

Years ago I watched a VH-1 special on Tina, and tears came to my eyes as she related her defining moment; the day she decided to take control of her life and walk away from years of abuse by her husband Ike. Goes something like this:

In the Adolphus Hotel Dallas (where Tina and Ike were to perform that night), as Ike slept, she sneaked out and ran across the highway to the Ramada Inn, and asked to speak to the manager. She said "My name's Tina Turner, I only have .36 cents and a Mobil gas card...I've fought with my husband" and took off her glasses and showed him her bruises. She explained she couldn't pay at the moment but promised to later on, and even offered her wedding ring as credit. The manager said it was okay, and allowed her to stay the night.
And I think we all know the rest...

A survivor, an original, a legend, and most of all - a woman who would not give up.

Needless to say, the "Tina Turner" move is my favorite part of my Turbo Kick class.
I hope I can still do it when I'm her age at 68 (in stilettos) !


Vivienne said...

Oh lord no! How can you enter adulthood without knowing who Tina Turner is? And then the Fleetwood Mac incident...ack! Teens and young adults today are robbed of real musical talent by greedy commercialized producers and the dumb media, in my opinion.

Kingfisher Farm said...

Amen to that sister!! Yeah, I am feeling my age too. Especially when I am at school.

Ani said...

Oh HA! This is like returning back in time for me. Two girlfriends and I dressed up as Tina and 2 of her dancers and went to a Halloween party some time ago. We had recorded the Proud Mary song onto a Pearl recorder, this is pre-cell phone days I'm talking 'bout! And every few minutes at the party we'd turn on the song and do THE dance! Shimmy/Shaking all night long. I could barely move the next day and don't think I've put on a pair of high heels since! Great post on a great lady. Best, Ani