Black n' White Delight

A few months ago, Rob and I were taking an evening walk through a lovely nearby wooded neighborhood. It was that magic hour at dusk when the deer, raccoon, owls and bats start to stir. Out of a yard came dashing a black and white cat. We were both still experiencing cat-withdrawal from losing our Rosa about a month prior (but it felt much longer). So when we saw the black and white cat we enthusiastically called to it, "kitty, kitty!". Clearly a friendly cat, he affectionately rubbed against our legs and let us stroke his fur. Oh, it felt so comforting and familiar to pet his warm soft fur. As we continued walking, Rob commented that this was the first cat we have touched since Rosa. And I realized, wow, it had been a while. So thank you, black and white cat, for saying 'hello' to us when we really needed it.

In lieu of the new black n' white cats I'm sewing, here is a salute to the real two-toned kitties of the world ~my inspiration. These cookies n' cream felines are currently looking for forever homes via Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society. Oh, how I would adopt them all (or at least one!) but the time just isn't right, as Rob and I still have lots to renovate in our house and at the moment it feels quite barren (and kitties need nooks and levels and cozy places). I hope by spring our house will be cat-ready, with scratching posts, window perches, and a little cat-sized doorway leading to the litter box ;O) It's something we work towards, with a place in our hearts for the next feline family member(s).


Mare said...

One of those little cats look just like my Panda Bear, who passed a few years ago. I loved that little guy. We have one elderly cat now, Thistle Bella,who is the Queen of the house. i am sure there will be more cats living here in the house down the road!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
what a beautiful post!