New One-of-a-kind Cuties this week!

Looking for something sweet, totally sugar free and zero calories this Halloween season?

Well, Good News! I'll be updating my web site this Wednesday, October 29th at 12 noon Central (that's 10am Pacific/ 11am Mountain/ 1pm Eastern).

I'm really loving this group of plump, smiley Buddha bears and sweet teeny kitties! Oh, there may be one elephant too, if there's time! October is Cat Month, and we are ending it with a bang, ahem... a miaow!

Be sure to 'refresh' your browser at the scheduled time to see the update, at this address:

Questions about ordering? click here

Hope you can join me this Wednesday! Signing off 'til then, xoxo ~pp :)


KSedlak said...

Oh my gosh, what an adorable drawing you have here. I am glad that I will be home on Wednesday morning, so I can pop in to see the new little kitties you will have up for adoption.
Your creations and drawing brighten my day with a big smile.
Thank you for that.

Peng Peng said...

Hi Karen! awww.. U R 2 sweet :O) glad u like my li'l drawing and creations!! it makes my day to know it :O) xoxo

Kingfisher Farm said...

I cant wait to see what you've made Pengy Girl! Its cat in your lap weather now for sure! Pam

Mare said...

This time i will try to get to the website to see your newest creations BEFORE they get sold out in a blink of an eye! :)