A Pug Hug!

Okay, even though October is technically Cat Month here, I must share with you this surprise that just arrived in the mail. It's from sweet Melissa of Pug Notes. She made this adorable "Pug Cushion", as it be, for my sewing table. And that's a little pic of her famously fun Pug (that's Pug with a capital P!) Emmitt~ since she couldn't send him in the mail for me to hug, I guess that will have to do ;o) Thanks girl!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
oh emmitt and i are so glad you like him! Emmitt even wanted to send you some green blanket so he used green felt on the back. Silly Puggy!
we are sending you big hugs!
melissa & emmitt

Kingfisher Farm said...

You've got to have friends.......to make the day last long! How sweet.