* A Botanic Birthday *

Rob and I spent a wonderful Sunday at the Chicago Botanic Garden for my 30-something birthday. We walked our sandaled feet off, as there is so much to see. Our favorite site is the "Evening Island". Last year we went late in the day and Evening Island was nearly pitch black and absolutely full of frogs! I hoped not to step on one accidentally. This time, we got to see it in late-afternoon... and there were no frogs out yet. Didn't take any pics on Evening Island, but here's some other scenic snaps of CBG: (you can click to see them bigger)

And here's my favorite pic of the trip~mating grasshoppers. Love blooms anytime of year!


Kingfisher Farm said...

You mean your 29th birthday don't you??? Happy belated Birthday, Peng Peng! Pam

Peng Peng said...

Hi P, um, yes...29-something, lol! wink, nudge. and next year i will still be the same age, and the year after that ;O)

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh ....I've enjoyed reading your blog , found you from Melissa and Emmitt
I'm a cat lady too. Your story about Rosa was beautiful .

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
what a beautiful birthday. your photos are fabulous!
m & e

KSedlak said...

Your pictures are beautiful and I am so glad you had such a wonderful time on your birthday.
Thanks so much for sharing.
Best wishes to you always,