the Night the lights went out in Chicago

Some things we just take for granted. I was having quite the productive evening last night, sewing away in my studio, when the lights went out during the rain storm. Eee gads! Well, in any case, that meant taking a mandatory break and search out some candles. The beautiful, colorful Polish glass vase pictured above was a wedding gift. After a long while of not knowing how to display it (mainly from concerns of 3 cats knocking it over), it has found a wonderful purpose as a kaleidescope-ish pillar candle holder. I just put some sand in the base to keep the candle steady and to collect any wax.

Electrical blackouts I find to be relaxing in a way, 'cos there really isn't anything to do except sit by the candlelight. And for those few times the when all bulbs are extinguished, TVs and computers off, the hum of all electrical appliances silent, and the streets are dark~ one can finally experience the night for what it truly is. Devoid of modern distractions. BTW, the candle next to Buddha is a delish Pacifica "Mexican Cocoa" soy candle. One of my favorite scents.

It always impresses me how much can be illuminated by a single candle stick! I lit 2 candles in the kitchen and the glow was plenty for getting drinks and snacks. It was so practical that hubby and I will be doing this more routinely in the evenings to save power.

Just when my eyes got their 'night vision' and we were settling into the primitive, quiet glow of our candlelit evening... boom, the lights came back on. Yes, some things we just take for granted. :O)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
what a great post! what a relaxing evening!

Mare said...

I know what you mean! The last time we had a power outage, i was a little disappointed the power came on so soon and the silence and candlelight was over! :)

Kingfisher Farm said...

You got a little taste of country in the city! I keep candles in every room, we never know when the power will fail. We even have a generator for ice and snow storms, and we too sit and snuggle with the pets and read books by candle light, and imagine how quiet things were a hundred years ago in our over 100 yr old home. If only she could talk, our house! Pam