What's simmering in the pot?

While my veggie soup is simmering I thought I'd pop in and say Hi! Hope you had a fine Labor Day weekend! I guess I labored too much the past few days, working on various projects, and capped it off yesterday by doing a power cleaning of the fridge (that was an ordeal!). So today I'm nursing a really awful cold and sore throat :( At least the weather is nice and that, along with a bowl of soup & ginger tea, always helps. Another mini mood booster I've been doing on a daily basis is perusing the kitties for adoption over at Anti-Cruelty Society's website. Though we are not quite ready to adopt yet, I am having severe cat-withdrawal! Here are a few fur beans that stole my heart recently:

My secret new-things I was planning to reveal August-end is looking more like soon-in-September. So stay tuned for my update announcement. It will be a fun one!

What else is simmering in the pot? October brings the Schaumburg Artist Teddy Bear Show, Horray! From here on out I'll be preparing for that as I intend to bring loads of little One-of-a-kind delights :) If you are in the Chicagoland area then, please do stop on by and visit me.

The timer has sounded and that means my soup is ready! Have a fantastic day and will talk soon. xoxo


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pp!
i hope your delicious soup and tea have made you feel all better!
the kitties are so cute!
i cannot wait to see the surprises you have planned!
m & e

Kingfisher Farm said...

Oh I'll be right over, and will help with the dishes! Is there a new adoptee in your future after all? If so, another LUCKY feline! Pam

Folksie Linda said...

ooooh P.P..... i love the tabby in the right hand corner on top...she is a beauty.. that would help you bunches... go ahead and do it.. you will see.. it helped me. i came home with two instead of one though..LOL!! Thinking of you!
Hugs, Folksie gal