for the love of Cats

Koko, rolling happily about in the sun. July 2003.

Warmest thanks for everyone's interest and nice comments about my debut kitties I posted on my web site Friday. I really enjoy creating the wee felines ~ as cats hold such a special place in my heart ~ and will be making more again for sure. Aside from the Halloween-y aspect of cats, October has always been "cat month" for me, since it was my cat's birthdays and also mine too! If you can come to the Schaumburg Octobear show, I will have cats n' bears n' ellies n' maybe even a sock monkey or two! So I have lots of sewing to do this month.

Also, while preparing for the Octobear Show, I plan to offer a new bear pattern in my Etsy shop, and if my schedule allows... (drumroll please) a Sock Monkey October listing! It will most likely be an abbreviated version, maybe just half dozen this time, as their outfits take me quite some time to make. I will do my darndest however, to make that happen ;o)

Have a nice Monday! It's raining, cold and dreary in Chicago today, Brrrrr!


Mare said...

Yahoo! Your sock monkeys are my absolute favorites!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

yay pp!
what a great month you have lined up! i love the kitty photos and cannot wait to buy your new bear pattern!

Kingfisher Farm said...

What a happy kitty, so sleek and lithe. Pam

KSedlak said...

Well, I must say the weather is keeping you in, so that makes for a good time to keep busy creating your little darlings.
Hope to get in on some of that this smooth when you update your site.
There is so much to love about cats.I have two and adore them so much. In fact, my Molly is watching my fingers pounding on the keys as I type.
Take care and have fun.

Peng Peng said...

Hi all~ yes, chicago is freezing! Then again, any time it's below 80 I feel cold ;o)
Hope to get them sock monkeys up this month, at least 5-6.
Haven't had my first cuppa tea yet (just woke up) and probably will need a few hot pots to get me through the day LOL!
take care and talk soon.

Joana Rosa Bragan├ža said...

Your cat is adorable!
I love cats too and I have a little grey one named Tobias, if you want take a look at "his" blog at www.o-tobias.blogspot.com !