A fine day in the Country ~ Domestics

A beautiful blue and white bed cover and the little cradle nearby.

Atop the trunk are miniature children's playthings.

The ceiling beams in the blacksmith barn.

An incredible, functional, entirely hand-built weaving loom with flax being made into linen.
Flax "ponytails" hanging on a primitive rake in the barn.

A colorful hutch with green and white wares.

a little pass-through window from the pantry

A display cabinet with sewing notions in the 'general store'.

Reproduction fabrics and some antique sewing notions. Blue & red calicos, carded buttons, bobbins, etc, as one would have seen in 1876. Of course, all of it is display purposes only (shucks!).

For city folk and country folk and points in between, I hope you enjoyed the blessings & beauty of summer. And may every day be *a fine day* wherever you lay your hat.


KSedlak said...

Hi Peng Peng,

Ooh, I love the photo gallery. My favorite though is the fabrics and antique notions.
Looks to me like you had a wonderful weekend in the country.

Peng Peng said...

hi K~
glad you loved the pics of our day trip! The general store was so charming, lots of canning jars (LOL).

i loved all the neatly aligned boxes of the sewing shelves.. if only my studio could look like that! ;)

have a great September day!