Debut CATS listed today!!

Miaooowee! New mini kitties TODAY on my web site, www.peng-peng.com.
They were all adopted quickly, thank you for giving them loving homes!


KSedlak said...

Peng Peng,

You kitties are so adorable and I can't believe I forgot to go online first thing this morning to see them.
I am glad they all found a home to go to.
I look forward to your next update.
Take care

Mare said...

WOW! I blinked and they were GONE! hahaha How wonderful! They are absolutely adorable... I hope we see more of them.

Peng Peng said...

hi gals! thanks for your nice comments 'bout my debut kitties! I plan to make more wee felines, i just loved them so :O)

Joana Rosa Bragan├ža said...

They are BEAUTIFUL, I wish you could send one to Portugal...!
I love love love love your dolls!

Joana Rosa *